Nero - Burn but no burn?

okay, i just got my NEC nd-2500a, an external enclosure, and a 50 pk ritek dvd-r’s

everything went together easily, drive recognized, by windows and nero (was, but i went out and got the new version just in case, though havent used it yet)

using usb2.0, i made a multisession dvd of 4.4 gigs, and nero burned the dvd no problem, and said “completed successfully”

however, the dvd i made is not recognized in any of my dvd drives, including the burner that made it, a.k.a, windows is not seeing the data at all, if even the cd ?

but if i go to nero and try to continue a multisession dvd, it sees the track and sees the data on the dvd, so the data is there apparently, but if i try to add to the session, i get an “invalid disc” error

so what has happened here ? is the data on the disc ? is it viable ? do i have to do something to make it visible ? or have a made a coaster ? and is there any way to avoid it again ? i want to get my facts straight before i try to make another coaster

thanks greatly !!!

You asked the same question in this thread and I’ve answered there.

Please don’t post two threads on the same topic - it’s against the rules of this forum and can lead to a situation where no one thread has the full picture in it.


due to the forum rules about posting in the correct topic areas, my post did not fit in the hardware only or software only areas, so it was unclear exactly where it should be posted, so i posted in both locations, since i didnt know if the post would be moved or deleted, as it does state in the rules that posts that dont fit the forum topic will be moved

in the forum rules section for the forums i posted in it didnt tell me that posting topics in 2 different forums was not allowed

so all in all i did it due to the lack of clarity in the forums rules topics, and did not due it in an attempt to “spam” the forums

Don’t get too upset about it - I was only trying to channel people to the other thread. As I’m not a mod, I couldn’t close this thread to tidy things up.

I realise that sometimes you have to make a decision as to which forum you use - in truth, many people read both, but the hardware forums tend to be busier, and if you’re unsure, it may well be better to choose the relevant hardware forum. The rules do make some reference to cross-posting, which I would argue is the wrong term (in newsgroups, cross-posting is a single post sent to multiple groups, which is actually OK - it’s multi-posting, that is posting the same post separately in several groups, which is all you can do here, that’s frowned on).

Hopefully you can try my answer in the other thread - if that doesn’t get you going, post again there.