NERO burining issue with NEC ND45xx series

Hopefully this will get back to Craig Campbell and NERO engineering. I keep seeing issues with the ND45xx series in the post. I have 2 of these. One a 4571 and the other a 4570. Couple things I have noticed during burns with 4571 is that the ultra buffer goes to 7% numerous times during a burn. If i keep track of the places in the burn and the number of drops, the pattern follows PI failures. Now the 4571 burner is in a machine using Nvidia NF4 Ultra chipset and a 3200+ cpu. I asked another poster who has had great burns and he has an Intel system. My other burner, 4570 is in an older system using a VIA chipset and a 1300 AMD processor. This machine also burns extremly well. So I am wondering is could there be a software problem between the new chipset of the burner and NERO code and or possibly the PC chipset. Maybe more testing of code with these chipset might be needed. Also why the difference in burns between Intel, Nvidia chipset and VIA. Also I would like to add that my 4571 machine uses 2 sata hd and has 3 optical pata drives. I am including burns with this post. The first burn was an experiment using on the AMD 64, Nvidia chipset to see if there was any inprovement. I still had buffer dropouts, but they were different this time. The first 3 dropouts went to 7% the last ones went to 60%. Each dropout matches the failure in the graph. The second chart is with NERO 7 on the same machine. All burner dropouts matched and they went to 7%.

here is a copy of a burn on the VIA chipset and then a read by the 4571A on the Nvidia chipset. Looks like to me the Nvidia driver, swide, is the culprit. I loaded all the nividia driver when aI updated to Nforce version 6,86. I should have left the Microsoft drivers in place for the PATA drives.