Nero Buning MPG2

Can someone explain to me what I have to do to get Nero Express / Vision to burn my edited videos to MPG2 which I require for them to play on my Panasonic Recorder? I can edit the videos from a Cam OK and burn them to a RAM Disk with Nero but the files that appear are VOB / VTS and the Recorder does not recognise them, but tells me to format the disk. I have tried all the settings which seem to be available in Nero, with the same result, despite the fact that Nero Help refers to the burned videos as being in MPG2. I presume it should be something simple but I dont know what. :confused:

It could well be that it doesn’t like then on a RAM disk. It might depend how Nero writes them to the RAM disk. If it doesn’t use UDF format then I guess the Panny won’t see the disk properly.

Can you try burning the Video to a RW DVD instead?

I’ve a Pioneer recorder that’s Divx compatible but if I burn Divx files to a DVD+RW disc is doesn’t recognise them but is fine with DVD-RW or UDF formatted RAM disks.

These machines can be very picky.

Hi. The Panasonic Recorder does not handle RW DVD which is why I am using RAM for which purpose I bought a Samsung RAM Writer and the Nero software which went with it.


Have you actually tried with RW media as whilst it might not write to it , it might read it. I’m very surprised that if it doesn’t handle RW media 'cos they mainly do.

What model have you got?