Nero Buffering Problem


I have a Lite On 52x32x52 in a P3-800 (MSI board with Via chipset) with 128 meg of ram on Win98se OS. UDMA are “enable” eveywhere. CDRW is Master on the secondary IDE with the a LG 52x drive as a slave. The hard drive is Master (and alone) on the primary controller.

After the buffering process is done, it starts burning but its like the buffer cant refill himself while burning ! As soon as the buffer is empty , the burner has to wait until the buffer goes up to 100% then it starts burning again. It does that until the end of the burning process.

So a 700Mb CDR takes me 9:00 to burn. All the data are local on the hard drive.

That Lite On burner works very well in my Athlon 2000 btw…

Anyone knows why ?


This is because your system cannot deliver the data fast enough. Common causes of this are converting MP3 and burning audio CD on the fly, fragmented hard drive, IDE controller/driver issues.

Its not mp3 converting, its only data
and like I said , it aint “on the fly” copy problem.

So I guess its a driver problem then.

Should I install new drivers made by Via ?


2 options: Update to the latest 4in1 drivers, or revert to the default MS drivers. Try the 4in1 first. Also be double-sure that ALL drives have DMA functioning.