Nero Buffer size question

Ok here is a question what do you guys have the buffer in theoptions area of Nero sat at. Mine is 45 megs(its both the cache and the buffer size!! I havent a underrun with this setting
and the burner pc has 128 megs of ram

Since my computer has 380MB of RAM, I put it to 95MB buffer size. This is kinda bad and I need to go back and lower it some time because before it starts writing, I have to wait for the CD-Reader to read about 100MB of data!!! Wastes a minute or two.

I’m using the standard 33MB buffer size and never had any problems with it… The buffer stays at 99% even when I’m on the internet or starting an aplication. I have 256MB RAM and a 7200RPM HDisk.

For Nero it’s recommended not to go over 80MB for the buffer size.

Always @ 97-99% recording-buffer using a pc with 512MB Ram. My read buffer always is 99%.
Also when starting MS word of something like that the buffer stays full! Haven’t changed anything, so I assume I also have a 33mb buffer! :wink:

mine also stays 97-98%…though my roommates, his goes up and down like a yo-yo

mine is at the default 20MB and i’mm always at about 98 99%

only have 128Mb ram in this machine aswell!!!