Nero buffer pulsing up and down problem

I have a plextor PX-W4012A RW drive with 4mb buffer, firmware rev. 1.02 installed Windows XP.
Nero version OEM

Lately Nero has not been working well - when I burn at any speed from my HD the buffer pulses continuously. After the burn completes it says I avoided many buffer underrun events. My last burn I had a message saying 150 buffer underruns were avoided! This started happening with nero all of the sudden, it used to burn smooth as silk with the buffer full at 100% until completion. Somethings not right. VCD easy is smooth - never an issue and my aspi layer is installed just fine.

I need your help

It happened to me also, once with Plex 24X, last time with TEAC CD-W540E. We must have installed something that messed up bus mastering in the OS. I resolved the problem by installing Intel Application Accelerator 2.0, it can be downloaded from Intel site. You need to have a MB with Intel chipset though.

There must be an easier solution, but this one worked twice for me.

I have an Athlon XP 1800+ with an I will board. This sounds like the solution but I need it for Athlon then. It used to work fine but something has changed.:confused:

Make sure that DMA is still enabled for ALL drives.

I used system restore to go to an earlier point and the problem went away. I recently installed all of Microsofts XP fixes and patches from the windows update site. I bet one of those updates hozed my IDE setup and performance some how.:confused:

This is because in XP if your drive errors out more then 5 times or so it will drop the CDROM, Hard Drive, DVD-ROM whatever into PIO mode. Not sure why Microsoft did this and there is no way to disable this feature that I have found but this is a relatively simple thing to fix. Go to your device manager and go to IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers. (( if you want to check to see what mode it is in go to whatever channel its on Primary or Secondary. Double click and go to the Advanced Settings tab. This will show you What mode its set to do and what the current mode is. If current mode of transfer is Ultra DMA Mode 1,2,3 then this is not your problem and you can ignore this post )) So if it is in PIO mode you will need to select the bus master ide controller right click and pick uninstall. It will sit there for a minute or so and act like its locked up just let it be. Now go to Start | Turn Off Computer pick reboot. Now when it boots back up it will install the ide drivers again and should put it back into Ultra DMA. If its in PIO Mode this is the only way to correct it.

Thank you all, especially Zman last explanation. This solution worked perfect for me. :slight_smile:


thanks for the last explination on how to solve this, worked a charm.
Is there any known way to get windows to stop putting drives into PIO mode ?


There is some registry patching that goes a long way to prevent it. Read about it here