Nero buffer all over the place! Help!

I am running an Athlon xp +2500 chip on a Asus A7V8X MB,With a Plextor PX-716A 16x Burner. I am using Nero to burn and DVD Shrink3.x to rip.
Ripping movies takes approx. 3 Hrs. and Burning a movie takes Approx. 40 Min. Whe I start the burn process, the buffer goes all over the place, up and down, and if I’m burning a regular CD, it comes up with a message that I have avoided a buffer underrun 41 or so times. This is extremely frustrating!!! I read an article in PCWorld that said there is a possible problem linked with windows SP2, and that as of yet neither Nero or MS has come up with a hot fix. Has anyone else run across this dilema??? HELP!!!

Your burner is probably in PIO mode (instead of DMA). Worth a shot to check your IDE Controller settings (corresponding to your drive) - ie. Device Manager / IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers / (Primary or Secondary IDE Channel) / Advanced Settings / Transfer Mode: (PIO) or (DMA). Hopefully, it’s that simple. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Well, I checked the settings, and the secondary drive was in the PIO setting
so I changed it to DMA and tried burning. Same thing. If you or anyone else
might have a suggestion, I’d certainly be happy to hear it! Thanks, by the way, ninbang! At least I know now that it’s set right.

Presumably you rebooted after making the change.

Other factors to be considered are:-

. Burner & source (HD) MUST be on separate IDE channels for decent error free performance.
. Your HD(s) MUST be regularly defragged. Really bad fragmentation will cause the symptoms your system exhibits.

Burners and HDs are on seperate IDEs. On the secondary IDE channel, the current transfer mode is still showing PIO mode. I changed the Transfer mode to DMA if available and it hasen’t changed.

Probably worth the trouble to check DMA settings on your HDD’s as well:

I’ll assume you’re using 80-wire IDE cable for your Plextor. May or may not have an impact.

Something else to try is to go into Device Manager and ‘uninstall’ the 2nd IDE controller. Reboot. See if things are honky-dory then.

Cheers. :slight_smile: