Everytime I start Nero Express or Burning ROM I get a BSOD. (Blue Screen Of Death.) I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I get the same thing. I have the most recent version, I don’t have Adaptec or anything like that installed. Some other burning programs I have installed are CloneCD, Blindwrite, Alcohol 120%, EAC, CDex, and Copy to CD. Thx for any info.

Try uninstalling all of your burning programs and starting over, loading Nero first. If it starts properly, then one of the other programs is causing the conflict. Load them one at a time, testing Nero again after each installation. If the BSOD problem reappears, it can be traced to a conflict with the last burning program installed.

If the BSOD is being caused by a burning program conflict, it may related to one of the programs that create virtual disc drives like CloneCD or Alcohol.

I had similar trouble when using IAA :Z