Nero Booktype



Hi, usually i use DVD decrypter and DVD shrink to do my backup of my DVD movies but after shrinking it i tried to use NERO burning rom to burn my dvd iso, Well it burned fine but the booktype wasn’t set to dvd-rom (it set it to DVD+R). With dvd decrypter it usually auto sets it (by my firmware) but it didn’t with nero. I searched the forum and saw that there is a way in nero when you pick the “recorder” and under options i can set it but by the picture included there isn’t an option on my version of nero (i have the latest). Oh i have an NEC-3520a with firmware 1.25 which auto booktypes to dvd-rom. I am new at backing up that is why i was just using DVDD and DVD SHRINK but i want to try out other burning programs that might give me better scans. Thanks in advance!!


nero doesnot bitset all writers brand. For some of them you need to use an other soft for that.
For example: My benq is automatically set to dvdrom by Nero (unless I don’t want it).
For my liteon I need to use Booktype 135.


Oh ok i didn’t know nero didn’t do all burners i thought it was set by the firmware. Well i guess since it doesn’t allow me to set it i guess i will go with another program. I just need it to be booktyped to dvd-rom so as to work with all dvd players. I will look into that program you suggested (booktype 135), i really wanted to use nero, since i just got it but i will look at another program maybe clonedvd2. Thanks for you help though!!


for your liteon KPROBE will do it fine also.


Thanks bichonn, i actually was thinking of getting the benq as a substitue for my liteon combo for ripping purposes (and its a burner also:) ). I actually get a big spike (with lots of errors) in the beginning whenever i do a scan with kprobe or cdspeed (with the liteon combo drive) and i thought it was because of burning with dvd decrypter reason why i wanted to try nero. So if your benq is automatically set and recognized by nero to use dvd-rom. I might just get a benq and try using nero to do my burning since dvd shrink has an option of burning with nero after shrinking the dvd.