Nero Book Type Setting

I just flashed my NEC 3500AG with Liggy’s 218btrpc1 firmware and fixed the book type for dvd+r to dvd-rom with binflash. Does it matter what book type setting in Nero I use? The default is “Automatic”. I went ahead and changed it to “Current Recorder Setting” since the book type is fixed in the recorder, but I’m not sure if this is correct.

I think it’s a good idea to not use the Booktype setting in Nero if you can set it otherwise.
Some Nero versions seem to be buggy (at least for that option).

Thanks for the reply. Im using the latest version of Nero v6.6.0.6. The options for Book Type are Automatic, DVD-ROM, Physical disk type, and Current recorder setting. Automatic is selected by default & I didn’t see a disable option anywhere. So, is there a recommended setting to use? Does everyone else just leave it on the Automatic?

Do not mess around with the NERO booktype. Stick with the NECwinflash. Also DO NOT use Nero to wipe a DVD+RW disc. This will defeat the DVD-ROM booktype for that DVD+RW disc. Use DVDinfopro to quick format the DVD+RW if you want to retain the DVD-ROM booktype for DVD+RW discs.

ok, somebody listen to the guy:

  1. dvd-rom bitsetting has been set in the firmware using necwinflash.

  2. there is no way to disable bitsetting in nero, so which setting should we use - current recorder setting i expect (i assume that uses the dvd-rom set wit necwinflash?)

Don’t touch the bitsetting part in Nero. Use NECwinflash if you want to change booksetting.

Automatic setting works for me. I have just tested this in combination with firmware 2.18 btrpc1 and it worked fine for dvd+rw’s; it should work for other media types as well.


If there’s no way of disabling Nero’s bitsetting, how can you ‘not touch’ it?

Does ‘automatic’ do nothing then? (i.e. just uses the setting in the drive’s firmware?)

“Current recorder setting” sounds logic but I never tested it. Just a thought.

You can just try it out with a dvd+rw; as long as the drive itself has the proper bitsetting, recorder setting in Nero should work fine.
Sorry I can’t try everything out for you, I don’t want to reformat al my dvd+rw’s with my NEC because I prefer to use them in my Benq.

Been using Current Recorder Setting since Nero 5.5.x.20 without a problem. :wink:

In Nero goto; Recorder --> Choose Recorder --> Options.

Sorry if _chef_´s first post has been confusing.

Using the Current recorder setting in Nero worked properly and set the dvd+r book type to dvd-rom. Thanks for all your responses.

Why is using nero book type bad? Is it not as effective? The only problem i’ve seen so far is that my xbox doesn’t like them. When it plays (if it plays at all that is) it skips a lot. However, there are no problems w/ computers or other dvd players.

When I use dvd identifier it says dvd+r dvd-rom. Isn’t this what I want?

Anyway, if using nero is inferior, could someone please point me in the right direction of using necwinflash? I tried searching the forums and I only found the version for nec 1100 or 1300.

BTW, I use nero express.

Automatic ALWAYS set mine to the media type. I had to change it to Current recorder setting in order to get any kind of book type setting other than the media type. I HIGHLY recommend anyone using Nero to change this to Current recorder setting. This is in effect turning off Nero’s book type setting. Automatic is NOT the same.

I leave my Nero on “Current Recorder Setting” and have never had a problem getting the DVD-Rom booktype set on my DVD+R’s with either my NEC ND3500AG or BenQ DW1620A. I’d highly recommend using this option - when I used to have it set to “Automatic” (I think it was) it would over-ride the drives internal booktype settings and set the booktype as DVD+R for some odd reason.

So I definitely agree with SamuriHL on this matter. :iagree:

What about DVD Decryptor? Do you set the booktype there or just use the BinFlash setting and how can you check it. Once burned it still reports as DVD+r or do I need to use another program to properly identify the disc?

Why does my other comp does not have an option to change the booktype in Nero and my other comp does? I have a NEC 3500 which allow me to change it in Nero and my other comp with a Emprex (BTC DRW1004) does not.

I’d say your Emprex doesn’t support bit setting or that Nero doesn’t know how to bitset with it if it does.

As far as booktype settings in Nero, I set mine to DVD-Rom and I’ve never burnt a coaster. All DVD recording perfect using my NEC 3500.

DVD Decryptor will just use the setting on the drive. Use NecWinFlash to set the default booktype for each media for the drive.