Nero Blues



I am trying to use NERO to burn my cd’s. Is there a way that one can sort or rearrange the burn list once it has been selected? Roxio offers this option but I cannot seem to get NERO to do the same.
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What version of nero are you using


i just tried and can’t find a way
you can with audio but not with data


I am using NERO OEM


How is is done with Audio? please explain.


first do your audio bit and put them in a list dousn’t matter what order then when your happy click and drag them up or down the list


i am trying to drag them but it is not allowing me to do so.
I am using nero OEM


do you have the cd for your current nero
if so i suggest downloading a freetrial of nero 6 reloaded

just click download and install that and it should work

send message back here when installed


will do in the a.m.




Wrong forum. Moved.