Nero Blu-Ray Player 2015 on Windows 10?

There’s not much about this online. Has anyone got Nero Blu-Ray Player 2015 working on Windows 10?

It’s not particularly important to get it working, but if it can work I may as well fix it.

It’s clear that the 2016 version works on Windows 10, but I’m not sure about the 2015 version which is the one I have.

And yes I know it doesn’t play the latest Blu-Rays, but I don’t have the latest Blu-Rays so that’s not a problem atm.

Hi, I had problem with Nero as the copy of Nero Essential disc made all the drives inaccessible,(I had a copy of Nero Classic but now I dare not use this on windows 10 pro) but as soon as I unistalled using the correct Nero Uninstaller all these hidden drives re-appeared, Nero said that this software was too old for Windows 10 Pro so I suspect that this would be so for Nero Classic,