Nero Blu-Ray/HD plugin problems

I purchased the plugin for Blu-Ray/HD support last weekend from Nero’s website. Problem is all they sent me was an email with a key and some instructions on how to add the services by inputting the code in the SmartStart configuration. Problem is I still have no Blu-Ray creation option in Vision 4 and no playback support for HD/BR in ShowTime.
Was there something else I needed to download as well that I missed for some reason? Has anyone else had any problems with this plugin?

Nero says it should look like this:

But mine still looks like this:

Hi Lostlodos i have same problem, put in serial for the plugin and nothing shows up in Nero Vision 4 under Make Blu-ray disk. If you have rectified problem can you contact me please.

cheers papsinc

I’m hoping the next update comes along soon, as that on its own may be able to fix it when installing with the serial already there.

Do you have a drive which read or read/write Blu-Ray?.

Do you have a drive which read or read/write Blu-Ray install in your PC?.

Yes on one system; no on the second, they’re twins (identical in every aspect except drives) except for the burners. Same problem on both units.

I’ve used a third-party Blu-Ray/HD DVD Plug-in,and it works wonderful.I don’t have a HDCP video card or HD monitor,but with this plug-in,i can copy my HD/Blu-ray disc to hard drive and watch them with PowerDVD. What’s more, the Blu-Ray/HD DVD Plug-inis totally free,you may download it at: and have a try.

I think I figured out the Nero9 Plug-In problem. Go into Nero under your programs in windows click on Nero control 4. once in there click on lisences Now add the code that was given to you. Let it do it’s thing and wula it will come up with Nero9 Blu-ray plug-in with the new code you put in plus your code for Nero9. It worked for me:)