Nero Blu-ray and HD DVD Video Plug-in

Has anyone tried these yet?

I haven’t tried nero Vision 5 yet but the I use Nero ShowTime a lot to watch Blu-ray and HD DVD.

At least now we have Nero ShowTime as alternative if PowerDVD decided not to support playback hidef content from hard drive as reported in some news.

I agree Zevia, I think all the programs that do this should be tested and maybe we can get some other peoples opinions on results.:clap:

Like most of the NeroVision encoding and authoring functions, the BD and HD-DVD functions get pretty mixed user reviews, and lots of reports of program crashes. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t pay actual $$ for this, when Ulead is known to work well and does not have to re-encode if you use the right type files.

Thanks for the feedback CDan, I will have to try Ulead, I have only tried Nero and Cyberlink so far. :wink:

Please do not waste your time with Ulead!! Compared to Cyberlink Powerdirector 6 and Nero vision 5 it is slow (quad core system) and constantly crashes on Vista 64. After purchasing the latest version on line, I’ve been trying to get a refund. :Z