Nero Bitsetting option disappears when inserting disc


when I insert a disc (dvd+r) into my dvd-bruner, the bittsetings options (under recorder->choose recorder) disappear. How come ? How can set the bitsetting to dvd-rom when burning a dvd+r ?

This is my machine:

WindowsXP Pro SP2 german
NEC NED 3500 AG flashed with firmware:
218btrpc1 wich is supposed to support bitsetting for SL DVD+R:

“218btrpc1 : NEC ND-3500A 2.18 including bitsetting support for SL DVD+R and DVD+RW, RPC1 & Riplock Removed (made by Liggy).”

With my 3500 and the same firmware, the option disappears when I insert a +RW, but not when I insert a +R. I have the option set to “Current recorder setting”.


are you really sure we are talking about the same thing ?
I meant the option that appears as a dropdownbox under recorder->choose recorder-> options ?
I do not mean the strange settings with the nero cd/dvd speed tool (under “extra->bitseeting” there) …

How come its different between yours and mine ?

I am really confused here. There is one bitseeting in the cd/dvd tool and another one under neor itself. Whats the difference between those two ?

My mistake. I had a blank -R in the drive when I checked it. Mine disappears with a +R also.