Nero backups

I used Nero 7 to backup some files and after did a hard drive format and reinstall windows so I cannot restore to original location. When I restore to another location all I get is some files that I cannot do anything with. How can I turn these files into a form that I can use?

What kinda files did you backup? Has your hardware setup and configurations and jumpers changed since restore? What kinda system do you have? You didn’t give us enough information to diagnosis the problem or what is the cause of the problem in restoring. Also you didn’t mention what O/S your using before and what your using now on the reinstall. What software did you use to create those files?

I restored my document folder containing several files (word,jpg,text,excel)plus favourites folder and address book(thunderbird). My setup hasnt changed, all I did was format and reinstall windows xp. I backed up the folders using Nero 7 backup, but I cant restore them to the original location, so when I restore them to a temp folder all I get is a copy of the Nero files which are useless unless I can convert them into something I can use. When I click on the files they open word pad but the text is in gobbledegook.