Nero Backitup2

I have run several versions of Nero. I like the backitup feature, however, I ran into a problem, or rather it did. I scheduled several jobs to run incrementally at logon. This worked a few times then I scheduled a job to run full on a daily basis. The job did not schedule properly. So I rescheduled it. When I rebooted I received errors claiming that the file was corrupt or missing. I deleted all of the scheduled jobs and figured a fresh start was in order. However, every logon shows the same errors. In fact, I even reinstalled Nero several times. Surprisingly it happened again each time. So then I bacame anul. I used the general clean tool to remove Nero. I removed every “nero” and “ahead” entry in the registry, deleted every associated file folder including the recylce bin, cleared the cache, emptied the temp folder, dumped the prefetch, reinstalled a different Nero version and damn near threw my PC in the trash when it happened again. Clearly the job files are saved in a hidden windows folder. They continue to execute at logon even though the job no longer exists. I just want to know what folder to empty. Not sure what else to do. Any thoughts?

According to the help file (section 1.3), you can schedule these tasks using the Windows Task Scheduler, have you checked that?

Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools

Thank you Saltgrass, that did the trick. I have never used the windows task scheduler before. I never had to. I run Norton and CounterSPy scans weekly and manage their respective schedules within their programs. What exactly is the purpose of the Task scheduler? Can it be disabled? What are its pros/cons? Thanks again for your help.