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I have just started using this backup package and I must be missing something. I am doing 2 backup sets: one for my pictures and another for my other data. I set them both up as weekly Jobs. The problem is that when I get prompted to insert the CD so the backup can begin, I don’t see anything that tells me which backup set is running - My Pictures or My Data. So I finally set one up to run on Sat and the other to run on Sun. A less-than-satisfactory soultion. Then, today (Sun) I started my machine up and after a while noticed a slowdown in responese and noted the CD ROM record light was on. So, my Sunday (My Pictures) bu was running. Unfortunately, I still had the CD with My Data bu on it in the CD drive. So, My Pictures Incremental bu went on the My Data CD. I just copied the bu folders and burned them on the correct CD. But, is there a way to know which bu is running, so the correct CD can be used? I am using Win XP Home.
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I checked this feature and the Backitup program does not display a job title. I will turn in a suggestion to resolve this issue. Please check this option in future updates.


Nero Tech Support

Thanks for your quick response. It is very encouraging to find tech support folks checking out application issues on forums.