Hey guys, this is my first post and I really need help !
2 years ago I backed up all my files (17 dvds) and now Im trying to restore those files and I get a message from Norton that I need to put the last disc where the file NBI is …
But the thing is, there is no NBI file on the last disc … There are only 2 TXTs and 2 NBA.
I dont know what happened but few months ago I had to restore some files from this package and it worked fine … now its not working !!!
Help please !!!

Some more information :
I used Nero 6 to back up
I tried Nero 6, 7, 8 and 9 to restore and none of them worked !
I tried my other computer… same thing !!!

Thanks very much … I hope someone here knows how to fix that !!!
Cheers !