Nero backitup won't continue backup on last DVD

Hello everyone
I want to use nero backitup for backuping my files, I use incremental backup, but when I continue a certain backup nero won’t burn on the last DVD on the backup set, although that DVD is not full yet. Nero sais that I need to use rewritable DVD’s, and I use BENQ 4xDVD+R, and there is a logo on the bottom of the case that sais RW (I think it means rewritable?).

I use Liteon LDW-851S. Do any of you know how can I make Nero continue the backup on the last DVD instead of starting a new one every time?


I don’t think the DVD’s you are using now are really rewriteble (+RW).
The RW logo is a logo that every DVD+R has and it has something to do with
approved by the RW (all + DVD’s) alliance. (= Philips, Sony, Ricoh, Benq,…).

If this same RW logo is on the front off a DVD writer, it simply means it can
read/write DVD+R and DVD+RW. Check your writer, probably the logo is there.

You should use disks that are clearly indicating “DVD+RW” on the box or jewel case !

got it… thanks!