Nero BackItUp SLOW!



I have been cleaning off my hard drive and backing up a lot of files that I don’t use on an every day basis. Nero BackItUp seemed like the perfect solution as I could point to a directory and it would do all the hard work for me; all I have to do is put in new discs when it asks. It keeps going until the directory is backed up, it’s great.

However, it burns VERY SLOW. I’m using Verbatim 8x DVDs which burn just fine at 8x in my BenQ 1620. But BackItUp starts at 2.4x and as far as I can tell stays at that speed as it takes over 20 minutes to burn a disc. When backing up 11 gigs of stuff this can get very tedious.

Is there any way to speed it up? If not, are there similar programs that are faster? I don’t need compression or scheduled jobs or anything fancy. I just want an easy way to backup large directories.


There’s a thread about this at:

Seems downgrading to an earlier version might work.


Depending how the fast the processor is, will it factor how fast it backs up the data, also remember that the compression is involved during the process. You can also use Nero Burning Rom/Express to backup your Data (no compression) and will depend on the Burners record speed and media.