NERO BackItUp Restore of data backed up with older version

My PC essentially died. The repair shop repaired it by creating a new Windows XP on a 80GB drive and transferred my 250GB drive to be the secondary. At the same time my external drive blew it’s motor. The repair shop installed Nero Smart (a burner software) over my old Nero 6.1 [for which dummy me had lost the installation CD]. I purchased Nero BackItUp and all is fine EXCEPT it will not read the CDs created by Nero 6.1. I smartly avoided compression and encryption so the files on the CD should be natural files. Windows sees the Excel files as X.Y.Z.xls in the name with a property of NRO and invokes Nero to restore them. Nero BackItUp says “Available NO” for the restore and just sits there. Ideas? (I queued a question to LG 3 days ago but no answer.)