Nero BackItUp Question



I’ve been having a problem with Nero BackItUp… I have to do a backup on a computer that does not have a DVD writer… and cannot do it over the network… so must use that computer. So my only option is to do ImageRecorder.

But image recorder just assumes that you are going to burn to CDz does not give an option ANYWHERE about DVDz… and i dont want to make a backup of xx about of cdz :confused: Anyone got a clue?!

Also Another problem with Nero Itself (and all the other neros i’ve tried for that matter)

Whenever i come to burn CDz that contain’s files that are not in English (for example… arabic filenames) i get wierd Symbols instead of the name… as if it was not compatable with the names… which is extremely odd.

YET, if im doin a backup with BackItUp, any files that I create have the names written out properly.

So wtf is the deal here… this is soo frustrating…


Read this forum the Nero Rep. name is Criag Campbell try to ask him qustion about your backup problem.