Nero BackItUp Incremental re-copies entire selection every day

I defined a daily incremental BackItUp job to copy a 90 GB selection from my primary HDD to an external HDD, but every day it creates a new folder in the target directory and tries to write all 90 GB rather than the new and changed files- a 3.5 hour process! Surely, I missed something very basic along the way, but what? I double-checked the job’s properties, and it’s definitely incremental. :o

OK, I think I know what I did wrong, so just for the benefit of anyone else, here is how to prevent the problem. When you first define a scheduled backup job you should always specify Full Backup. Then, after it’s had a chance to run one time, you can edit the job’s properties to make it Incremental or Differential for future runs. In this way, BackItUp recognizes that the job has already run once, and it can proceed with the smaller daily updates that you wanted, rather than starting all over with a full backup each time. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Yes, that sounds about right. I thought that BackItUp forced you to do a full backup initially [as the only option you can choose]…I guess not.

I just checked and you can easily choose Incremental for a new job. They should force Full backup, instead. I’m using BackItUp and the 84 page pdf manual leaves my head spinning.