Nero BackItUp Help!

Hello i have just purchased the Nero 8 suite and have downloaded the latest version. I have a couple of questions if someone would be kind enough to answer:

I have taken a back up of my c drive (main drive with operating system)using nero backitup and while taking the back up it initially scanned the drive and then came back with a message “cannot lock this drive”. I understand fromt the manual that nero backitup won’t lock an image of a drive with an operating system, so i click ignore and off it goes. Is there any way to disable this message and get it to straight into the backup without the warning? I found an option saying “show all messaage boxes” in the general tab of options but i can’t see any option to disable this message. This would save me coming back to the computer to get it to go on with the backup. Incidently will the backup work ok if it isn’t locked?

I tried using Nero Backitup Image tool and i want to back up my c drive to and external drive. The external drive is NTFS file system. Is there anyway at all to use the image tool to back up to this drive?

Thanks any help appreciated.

I would recommend BounceBackExpress (Free) or BounceBackPro (20dollars if I were you. Welcome to the forum too.

Thanks for the response. I will try sorting these issues out first though before going and getting other software.