Nero BackItUp Error on Restore with 8.3 Filenames

I backedup my machine (~35 GB) with Nero BackItUp. Wiped the drive reinstalled the O/S (WinXP) and the programmes. Now I want to restore the data that I backed up.

When I try, NB says that the files can’t be found, as they are in 8.3 format. The files are there, but NB can’t seem to associate the filename with the 8.3 name and decompress it. How can I fix this? :confused:

What mode did you use to back up, Drive Backup or File Backup?

Sometime, if you select the file of the backup, it will recreate the information file. I believe you would open the first file in the backup, and then after a short delay, it would give you the option of opening the other file.

There are help files you could check.

I’m using FILE BACKUP and NERO 6

I can do it manually - which is taking a while, but I guess the issue is a M$ file structure problem with 8.3 names and the long name index.

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