Nero Backitup Disc Spanning Restore Problem


I use Nero Backitup for data backups of files and folders. Some of the backups are spanning across two discs. This means that a specific file was cut into two parts, one part on each disc. Both parts have the file extension .nc_. During backup process nero told me “disc full, please insert the next disc”.

Now to the problem.
The restore process of the spanning does not work. The cut into pieces file can not be restored. Nero simply restores the piece back to disc, which results in a corrupt file. Nero never asks me to insert the next backup disc to proceed the spanning restore process.

Has anybody an idea ?


I correct myself after some investigation to your information.
I found cd/dvd disc spanning backup sessions where the splitted *.nc_ file could be restored to hard disc successfully . I found one more where this failed.

So it is not a general bug of Nero Backitup.
In the past I did not deploy the verification after burning feature. Bad !
Maybe this had helped ? Or not.

But all failing split files have been .flac.
All good split files have been other file formats.
A coincidence ?

A question to Nero personnel if they read the forum:
Can the type of file have influence to the spanning feature ?

Or is disc spanning just an instable feature and should be avoided ?
And improved by nero in future releases of course.

Backitup has some huge bugs and doesn’t really work right.

It would constantly burn to fast for the media inserted and then produce a ton of errors.

Nero is good but Backitup is a terrible app that should be recalled til the bugs are worked out and you can control the burn speed.

I’ve found the Ahead forum found at has more Ahead support listeners & posts, although it is not as user-active as this forum.

I Have been communicating with a Ahead engineer over a BIU issue similar to this, and while he is responsive, has not yet produced results. E.G, the latest release was supposed to have addressed some of my issues, but apparently has not. I want for BIU to simply duplicate (copy) files to DVD while keeping track of what’s up-to-date. Like you, I have suggested splitting the files to be an option which can be disabled.

Like Hardgiant suggests, I don’t know that BIU should be used in mission-critical situations … it’s a matter of trust. He does not however suggest an alternative, and there inlies the problem … there isn’t much out there with a loyal following, and forums are full of similar problems. You might want to keep an eye out for HandyBackup to release their DVD version (… and don’t be fooled by which offers a DVD version, but their complimentary reviews refer to the real

shAf :slight_smile:

Can someone help me? I read this forum and found that you have successfully restored .nc files. I have 2 files which I don’t know how to restore.

Hi sleepingtoday,

I managed to read my old post.
The issue is still open. I avoid BIU spanning today and DVD burn smaller entities now.

Now to your question:
Those .nc files restored successfully as they did. No special thing. I don’t know why. Sometimes it seems to work.

Does anyone know how I can join together .nc_ files? I had a backup screw up (I didn’t notice until I’d formatted my machine) and I have a bunch of split files with no way to restore them.

I’ve had the same problem. My PC died last week but I managed to back everything up using BIU. When I had reformatted, I went to reinstall all my files and it wouldn’t do it. The backup was 24.6Gig, the restore copied 1.36Gig and it said it had finished. It hadn’t.

I’ve just been playing around and renamed my .nc_ file as .zip. I tried opening them in ZipGenius (my preferred Zip program) and guess what?

Thats right, ZipGenius opened the renamed file and could read and extract the contents without any problems. The programs and files work OK once extracted as well.

When I did the backup, I didn’t use compression (since I had already zipped and compressed all the files together into 3 big zip files). However, it appears that BIU has unzipped and uncompressed these zip files, then re-zipped them into DVD sized chunks when it has copied them onto DVD. I haven’t had chance to test whether a compressed archive would work OK, but since the total size once copied onto the DVD’s was very similar to that of the 3 original Zipped files, I would guess that it should work OK.

Hope this all maked sense and I hope it helps some of you out who are having problems with BIU.