Nero Backitup - can't select DVD or CD as target

Anyone know why I can’t seem to select CD or DVD or anything other than hard drives as my ‘target media.’ The nero help file is useless, It just acts like that should be an option on the target list when I go to make a backup, but It isnt. Thanks for any help.

edit: I am using backitup version

Anyone? Is the option for dvd/cd there on yours?

I believe you must treat your DVD or CD drive as a hard drive and chose: Hard Drive then browse to the drive you want.
This sort of worked for me. I think you need to format the disk first?
My problem is I can’t format my DVD RWs. I’m having problems with Nero 7ultra. This may be part of you problem too.

No InCD included!?? or am I missing something?
Do I have to buy this separetly?

Incd exsists, but is not installed as standard. You will have to do a custom install and select it, you should be able to do it by using the nero product setup in the nero 7 folder.

I’ve met the same problem with new LG H21L DVD-RAM drive. When I returned old Liteon 24x CD-RW, problem disappered. I suppose BackItUp does not support newer drive. And upgrading required. Or another solution exists?

OK. Nero 7 resolved problem with BackItIp. LG H20l is now visible.

I came upon the same problem the first time I used Nero BackItUp version on Windows XP. The DVD burner stubbornly refused to appear in the target list for the backup. After trying various things which had no affect, I thought that I might as well log on using a logon id with administration rights as my normal logon does not have them. When I took the same actions as on the other logon the DVD burner did appear in the target list.

Obviously Nero BackItUp makes some assumptions about a requirement for Administrator rights.

During the installation of the Nero OEM Suite I remember a message about assigning Nero Burn Rights. The assignment of these rights to a logon-id might be an alternative to giving that logon full Administrator Access. However a quick browse through the menus of the Nero programs mentioned now means of assigning them.

I believe Nero Burn Rights is an optional add-on that can be downloaded from: It can then be used to decide which logon-ids have right to use Nero.

The following is extrtacted from a post on another forum about Nero Burn Rights.

Nero BurnRights will show up as icon in the control panel after executing the installer file. It will give you these three options:

Only Administrators will have burnrights.
(This is the default setting of Windows 2000 and Windows XP)
All declared users will be able to burn
Only administrators and a selected group of users will have the right to burn.
(This option is not available on XP home edition)
This option distinguishes between usergrous, which are allowed to burn, and usergrous, which are not allowed to burn.
The default name for the group with burnrights is “Nero”.
Any user can be added to this ‘privileged’ group anytime, if you proceed following steps:
Click on:
start->settings->administration tools->computer management->local users and groups->groups
Choose the group ‘Nero’ and add the preferred user to this group.

[COLOR=Black]I hope this is useful.

Since my last post I have downloaded and installed Nero Burn rights. It fixes the problem. It only applys to Nero versions 5 and 6. Obviously later versions of Nero incorporate it as standard or perhaps fix the problem another way.