Nero BackItUp Burns Failing

I made two backups with Nero BackItUp. Both burned fine.

But the last three have made coasters. Same error each time: Burn failed, couldn’t Close out Disk-at Once.

Not sure what changed. I’ve written Nero support twice, with logs attached. Only auto responses received.

Nothings changed as far as burner or media.

I do run Slysoft’s AnyDVD in the background. Could that be a cause?

Well I just downloaded the latest update. Think I’ll close down AnyDVD and try again!

What happened after you installed the update?

I installed the update, disabled AnyDVD, and gave it another try.

This time it got all the way through the burn process, then hung on closing out the DVD. Stayed stuck on 99% for 4 hours. InCD “Not Responding”. Had to end it from task manager.

Sooo, another coaster. I’ve sent three support requests with logs to Nero support, but haven’t heard back, other than the auto-responses assigning a case number. The last time was just this past Friday, 16-July, so hopefully they’ll respond this time.

Thanks Mike.

Can you post the log here? Perhaps i can help

OK, but I have to wait until I get home. At work now.

Thanks Mike!

OK, Mike, Here’s the log from the last failed burn. This one got all the way through, then couldn’t close the disk. When I wrote Nero I attached the ToolKit log, but it only lets you attach one file on their web form. They responded asking for the BackItUp log.

Uhh…Just noticed there are some serial numbers and such that I shouldn’t post here. (Like my router’s WEP key!!! Why on earth is that here?) Let me clean those out first!

I’ll be back!