Nero Backitup Boot cd Locks up?

Having a problem with nero backitup. I have been a long time nero user with very little problems but I don’t use all of what it has to offer. I normally use ghost 9.0 to do daily backups of the partition my os resides on. I was thinking I would give backitup a shot just to see how it works. If I can eliminate 1 piece of software then why not.

I created the boot cd. I won’t consider backitup unless I can restore my image from a boot cd or floppy. When I try to boot from the cd to test it everything seems ok until I get to the point where the program prompts you to hit “next” to continue. It tells you to either “tab” to change the option, “F1” for help, or “enter” to continue. At that point my keyboard doesn’t respond to any inputs. I am using a microsoft digital media keyboard pro.

this may or may not be notable but I tried to hit the numlock and caps lock keys to see if it would enable or disable those keys and it did not. I have 2 green lights on the board itself that light up when these keys are pressed. The lights are on at that point. Normally I can do this to see if my keyboard is responding. Even If I am in the bios or in dos mode. The keyboard works fine all other times. I searched through the different threads related to this program but didn’t see anything. Any Ideas?


Did you get this working?

I’ve just bought Nero Premium and I want to know if I can use Backitup to create a bootable disk image on DVD, like Norton Ghost.

I’d like to create a disk with just Windows XP and all the latest patches, so I have a base level which I can restore to, in case of emergency.

Try the utility nLite for this. Very handy tool and simple to use.

Sorry, reread your post and this might not be best tool. nLite is great for making slipstreamed installs, not so much for making restore type installs.