Nero BackITup (from Error - burn speed has dropped to 2.4x



Hello all,

I have a show-stopper of a problem. :confused: Nero BackItUp has suddenly dropped its burn speed for all my media down to 2.4x.

I’ve been using Nero BackItUp for some time now, using 8x “-” (Teon CMC MAG AE1) and “+” (Ridata RITEK R03 002) at full speed without any problems.

I had not installed any new software/firmware when the problem manifested; Nero Burning Rom ids & burns the discs at 8x as always.

This is a MAJOR problem for me as I rely on this software for my data backups & cannot afford the time lost to 2.4x burns. :sad:

Any help in resloving this would be greatly appreciated. :bow:


NEC ND 2510A - Herrie-2xx0v3-2
Athlon XP 3200+ (2200MHz) 512 MB DDR
MoBo: First AU31 HDDs: 2 160GB PATA


Just an update…


  1. System Restore - no effect.
  2. Uninstall/Reinstall - no effect.
  3. Nero cleaning tool + reinstall = no effect.

Success! - of a sort
Uninstall + Nero cleaning tool + install OLD Nero 6.3.115

Any clue as to why this of all things would work? Or, for that matter, what could’ve caused this in the first place?


I am experiencing the same problem.

Nero BackItUp (from Nero always selects the LOWEST available write speed.

Example: 2x selected on NEC ND-3500AG 2.TB with Verbatim DLP DVD-R 8x (2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x available) - This has the unexpected side effect of creating a coaster.

Example: 4x selected on Plextor PX-712A 1.06 with Verbatim DLP DVD+R 8x (4x, 6x, 8x, 12x available).

I am 100% certain that an earlier version of Nero BackItUp automatically selected the HIGHEST available write speed, I’m just not sure which version.

Bummer! :a

I haven’t tried downgrading Nero, yet.


I’m having the same problem as well 2x or 2.4x on all DVD-R & DVD+R media I give the drive a NEC 2510 with Nero BackItUp


After upgrading to Nero BackItUp (part of Nero the first backup I made is back to using the maximum speed of the media (12x) instead of the minimum speed (4x) on my Plextor PX-712A.

I haven’t tried it on my NEC ND-3500AG drive yet.


Thanks for the update; heres mine:

  1. So far i’ve been unable to get any official explanation as to what caused this bizarre performance behavior in the first place. HOWEVER, one person mentioned that it started for them after they burned a data CD (not DVD) using Windows XP (rather than Nero). :confused:

  2. I’ve spoken to 5 others who have all experienced the same behavior with (None of them are still using the application & 3 expressed varying degrees of disbelief that I was). :frowning:

  3. I’ve burnt so many coasters uninstalling/cleaning/reinstalling/trying the various versions :a that i’m going to stick with my downgraded 6.3 until/unless I can identify the malf’s root-cause & ensure that it does not surface again. (I don’t have the time or the resources to keep throwing good media after bad.)

I’d be very interested to hear your results with the NEC model.


I’m getting 1x with Backitup

My drive is Pioneer DVR-106D firmware 1.08. Media is 4x RiDATA RITEKG04. Nero Burning ROM gives me 4x with this setup. So much for “same burning engine”, huh?

Once all 3 discs of my currently burning 1x backup are done (too bad there’s no simulation mode to test the speed) I’ll try switching down to Nero 6.3.

I wonder if the necessity of splitting oversize files causes it to go 1x speed?


6.3 is working well enough for me. If this experience has taught me anything, its the value of never upgrading for the sake of upgrading. So what if a “newer” version exists; if it ain’t broke don’t “fix” it! That being said, & if you’re adventurous, Nero recently released yet another version of 6.6 (

(Does anyone else get the feeling that Nero is like the proverbial poor marksman? – No matter how hard they try or how many times that they shoot, they always miss the target. :Z )

My data-sets typically span 4 DVD5s.


Ah, but it was broke. Every spanned file was truncated to 0.337GB on a 4.7GB DVD-R except for the last part. Upgrading solved that problem but brought me down to 1x speed. I have since switched over to Roxio Creator Classic, which spans at 4x without truncating or changing extensions of spanned files to ._nc.