Nero Backit wont restore

Six months ago I did a back up of the files (not the harddrive) on my Toshiba laptop using Nero 6. My old drive died in March and I got a new computer today. Now I wish to restore the backup but Nero will not finish it and changes the source drive letter (from E to F) then tells me I am missing a file in the path (winamp.lnk.nco) and asks me to find the back up with that file. The HELP files do not deal with this problem. I have tried Nero 6 and Nero 7 without luck.

The backup is an .nbi file.

What puzzels me is, why the source drive letter change?

the computer I did the backup on was XP Home, the new PC is XP Pro. Would this have any bering on this?

What am I doing wrong?