Nero BACK-UP, Can't Restore Back-Up



I Back-Up some file (16Gb) on DVD using nero and when I try to restore the file is NOT working. And the icon of the file NOT looks like a “Safe Box”.
The file on Back-Up DVD is *nba file nero asking for *nbi file.
how do I work this out?

thank you guy.


how do I work this out?

thank you guy.[/QUOTE]

i figured it out…its kind of tricky. on the screen where it asks back up name, select the proper nba file. THen click restore on hard disk path. The next thing down is source path and restore path input boxes. Click the first one, I.e. Pictures, and then click the “folder” button below it…from there select where on your harddrive to put the pictures from the source. select each option individualy and put in its proper restore path…that should solve your problem.