Nero avi problem with audio/video cracked!

Chaps i think i may of cracked this problem tho this was over the last 24 hours and the info was found in this forum. I was having problems with the nero and avi speech video problem. I have now successfully burned 3 dvds that work spot on. If you get the programme converttodvd and convert your avi file to dvd format, i then took the video_ts files (nothing in the audio_ts file) and drag and dropped them into nero burn rom nero express then video dvd -video files. Nero then puts these into order and burns to disc and hey presto. The converttodvd takes a while but so far it has worked. Hope this help. I was using bero but cant see while this would work on other versions of nero. Also i am using the new pioneer 112d burner and ritek printable mwdia and burned at 8x speed the disc’s max. Good look and may the force be with you!!

Glad to see you happy with burning process and happy after.