Nero-Avi problem-HELP!

I hope someone can help.

First I am using Nero 5.5.10 and so far everything was working fine,had no problems burning anything ie. data,audio,mpeg to VCD etc.

However I have just tried to burn .avi file of movie to VCD, when I drag file as usual from HDD I get message “Analyzing .avi file” which it completes ok and places it in left hand column as usual.
Now comes the funny part when I click “burn” instead of getting Burn Wizard as normal, Nero shuts down completely,have checked all settings and all seems ok.

Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but without success, works on everything except this function. A friend of mine has same version of Nero as myself and his works fine encoding .avi to VCD, it has got me beat.

I would be very grateful for any help/advice on this matter.

Specs: Pentium Plll 800
512mb Ram
Liteon 40x Burner
Windows 2000 O/S

Thnx everyone

So your friends final burn is VCD complaint and the cd-r will play in his home dvd player? I used to use Nero burning SVCD(MPEG2) format and I opened the program, closed the wizard and choose SVCD. I also noticed you can choose VCD. I’ll assume Nero has it’s own encoder to convert avi to vcd choosing the option burn data? :confused:

Shoebedobedoo :cool:

Do you have the plug-ins and have you tried nero vision express, it works relatively well and since you are using 5.5 you can download the program fer free, bear in mind tho the plug-ins are not free.

Yes have tried Nero Express, added file, analysed ok and accepted, same problem though soon as I click the burn button, Nero closes down completely.

PS Have working plug-ins and have tried both VCD and SVCD same problem.Also don’t think it’s a faulty .avi file as plays fine in Windows Media Player, and Jet Audio, and it will also play in Nero after file has been analysed and accepted.

From my experience…if you’ve downloaded this .avi from the net then it is probably actually an .asf or wmv file. Windows media player will play any asf, mpeg, wmv or avi file. You can even rename the extension of the files to any of these 4 and they’ll still play. Problem is that some people change the file extension leading you to believe that what you have is a “true” avi when in fact it is one of the other 3. If the file Nero was trying to convert was an mpg you wouldn’t have any issues but the fact that Nero shuts down is indicative that you don’t have a true avi file you are working with. Hope that helps.:cool:

Thnx for all your help everybody, I think you might be right and that it is not a true .avi file will just convert with TMPGEnc.

Will experiment later with other .avi files to see if OK.

Thnx again all much appreciated.