Nero - automatically updating compilation regardless & cannot turn off virus scanner

I’m using Nero (the latest at time of writing) and have 2 compilation options that Nero seems to ignore - no matter whether I check ‘automatically update compilation’ or not, it always updates it which is really annoying!! It also doesn’t seem to want to burn some files which I know are detected as viruses (they aren’t) - simply saying ‘access denied’ during the burning log. My main virus scanner (Norton 2003) is off and in compilation options for Nero, the option to virus scan is off.

Any ideas why it seems to be ignoring these 2 options?

Do me a BIg favour before i come to your house and beat you with a stick lol UNINSTALL ANYTHING THAT is NORTON!!! why doesnt anyone listen?? I AM ON A QUEST to get people off norton horrible XP crashing and slowdown software…
here is the problem norton has processes running that are still on even though norton is off… it dont matter norton is always running… goto task manager and end those evil norton processes… add me to your msn i will fix you up over the internet lol

OK, so I get the impression you don’t like Norton :slight_smile: I’m willing to believe that Norton is causing the virus issues I’m experiencing, but normally I have no problems with it - no slowdowns at all. I’ll uninstall it when I get a chance & see if Nero will let me burn my ‘viruses’.

That still leaves the issue of auto-updating compilations. You’re not going to claim Norton is causing that are you?!?