Nero audio files

Hi, I’m kind of new at this and I’ve got a question regarding the audio files that Nero has before burning.

After I’ve ripped a DVD, I am going to recode the files on to a DVD. Under the audio section it has a few options. Some times it shows me 2 or 3 lists of English 2 channels that are checked.

The question that I have is, why is there 2 or 3 of the same type of audio? Can I uncheck one of the two for the same language?


They may all [I]say[/I] English, but some of them are two channel for Dolby Pro Logic surround, some will have commentary (do you really need to hear the jackass who shot the film tell you frame by frame what’s happening?), sometimes they even have an English track for the vision impaired. Usually the one to keep is the AC3 English track. Haven’t used Nero Recode, but if it allows you to preview you’ll see. If not, try DVD Shrink.

I’m not sure which is commentary and which is audio for the movie. This is what its says:

  1. Dolby digital 5.1 - ch - english 412mb
  2. Dolby digital 2- ch - english 177mb
  3. Dolby digital 2- ch - english 177mb

under the Audio tab in Nero Recode section. All these are checked but I’m not sure if I sure uncheck one of the similar ones.


Dolby digital 5.1 - ch - english 412mb
is likely the main audio. It’s the one I’d keep. If you want to make sure, have ReCode output the movie as an ISO and open it with VLC media player. You can then burn the ISO pretty quickly with either Nero or ImgBurn.