Nero Audio Cd's Skipping

I am burning Audio Cd’s from Mp3’s using Nero. These are Mp3’s I ripped from a CD, and the mp3 files themselves do not skip. The skipping occurs on every song in the first five seconds. I have tried getting rid of the two second buffer between songs and lowered the burning speed, but still no good. Any help would be appreciated. BTW I am also burning on a laptop if that makes a difference.

Try using EAC (Exact Audio Copy). It’s slower than Nero but it is the best program for MP3s. It is very easy to use once you get it configured.
It is also free! You can also use Burrrn to burn them to a CD in conjunction with EAC but it is not a ripper. I would suggest downloading them both and installing Burrrn first. I has the Lame decoders that EAC needs for MP3s.
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You can get Burrrn here and EAC here
Download the Windows Installer with cdrdao for EAC.

Thanks a lot for the help, I only needed the burrn program.

EAC is good for getting very accurate audio extraction. It goes quite slow when copying to your HD and analizes to make sure there are no errors. If you have the time, and want everything the best possible it’s the best!

still… sometimes players just have problems playing cd-rs. the one i have in my bedroom is jumpy when playing cd-rs, however my living room cd player has no problem at all

go to and scroll down and download the mp3pro dll files and replace them as per the instructions, it fixed the same problem that i had.

Early versions of Nero 7 had bugs in the MP3 decoder that would cause skipping in Audio CDs burned from MP3 files. This problem was fixed in (I think), so just update to the latest Nero from their website and you should be good to go.