Nero + audio cd

wtf i burnt 2 cds ( audio cd’s) and they work on my comp but not with my cd player, the cd’s r fine cuz i used em with my old bruner with easy cd creator and eveyrhtign was fine, y doesn’t it work when i use the same cd’s with my new burner ands nero? is there an option im missing somewhere? sorry im a nero newbie

you didn’t have the simulate option on nero ??
you are sure you used “audio cd” not " data cd"?

you can try to write at a lower speed.

how do you close the cd with nero? it does eeveyrhting for me, im used to roxio where i can tell it what to do…um the cd works in ym stero but not in my discmna anyone know y it would work in one but not the other?

please try to burn a disk at lower speeds…

it worked thank you so much guys

good :smiley: