Nero Audio CD incorrect track order

as anybody found out that sometimes when you create an audio cd using nero, th track order is reversed? How can you fix this?

I don’t know what you did to cause the track order to be reversed, but if I had to form a hypothesis it would go like this:

If you are dragging the tracks one at a time into the compilation window and releasing the mouse button right on top of the first entry, then the last track dragged will always be the first track in the compilation. The release point of the mouse determines the order in which the track will appear in the compilation.

If you want to use Audio CD and not CD Copy and you are not making a custom compilation you can copy all of the tracks from a CD in the same order by dragging all of the tracks at once. To do this, highlight the first track and hold down the shift key. Highlight the last track and all of the tracks will then be selected. You can also hit “Ctrl-A” on the keyboard to highlight all tracks. When you drag all of the tracks at once they should automatically be in the correct order. :wink:

If you want to add or remove certain tracks for a custom compilation, hold down the “Ctrl” key while you click on individual tracks to highlight or unselect them before dragging.