Nero +aspi problem

I have nero ultra 6 latest version with a benq 1650. Last evening, I noticed that nero indicated that the aspi layer for windows was not installed, but was installed for nero.

I d/l the aspi and installed it. After that, when I run cd/dvd speed through nero using a burned dvd, and pull up disc quality or scan disc tests, it shows speeds from 4x to 51x. Prior to that it only showed the proper rated speeds, 1x-16x or similar.

I uinstalled the windows aspi layer, deleted all references, uinstalled nero, deleted registry entries I could find and reinstalled. It still shows both the cd and dvd speeds under the speed settings. Nero drive speed does not help either.

Thanks for any help you can provide to remedy this. I also d/l 3 different versions of cd/dvd speed and none work correctly.


there is no need for system ASPI (unless you are running Win9x/ME). So, if Nero Info Tool indicates that no system ASPI is installed, you don’t have to be worried about.


There is a bug in Nero CD-DVD Speed described by zevia here. :wink:
You can try with latest version of Nero CD-DVD Speed. I haven’t checked if this bug is fixed though.

Thanks pinto2. That is the problem. Odd thing is it did not start until I installed the adaptec aspi layer. But even after thorough removal, it’s still there now.