Nero aspi conflict and region code errors

hello im new to this site and i want to thank you all for it. i am sure i will be able to solve my software conflicts here as well as help .

to start off i have a region code problem. my hp-dvd writer when burning a dvd for use in a reg. dvd player writes out region code 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. so when i stick it in the player it will not play region area wrong . bla bla bla . what could be the problem and what would be a solution?
i havewindows update 2 for win xp i have tried a new burner (today) same problem. default region code in properties is 1 with 4 remaining
i have comletely removed the software and reinstalled it after a reg clean and file clean
the other problem now this just might be it but im not sure is my nero aspi is green and installed properly and working.
my system aspi installation is corrupted…
i do not know what aspi is yet or even how to fix the system aspi. this is where i need to most excellent help. im dyinghere with not being able to send family movies to everyone when its my turn to do all the work.


Welcome to CD Freaks.

The region coding on a burner only relates to reading DVDs, not writing them.

It’s possible that the problem with your player is that it’s either an NTSC (US format) one and the DVDs you’re trying to play are PAL (UK/Europe) or vice versa.

Before someone corrects me I know that NTSC is more than just US & PAL is more than just UK/Europe. I was just keeping it simple.

Nero uses it’s own aspi so probably a corrupt system one will have no ill effects.

hello,I have solved the aspi problem.
I have not solved the burner problem. to add to the list of things tried. for some reason my pc will not realize that i have a hp dvd writer using the default hpdvd support program states [U]“No hp drives detected on your system.”[/U] When trying to use a software program called [I]RECORDNOW![/I] when it starts it pops up a window stating that [U]“All drives are set to disabled. On this operating system, in order to start [I]RECORDNOW![/I] you must either physically remove your drive(s) or enable at least one drive.”[/U] then the prgram shuts down without starting. Finally, It clings to a old driver made in 2001 thats generic.
I hope this info helps a bit more to solve this problem

Thanks again