Nero API Question




I want to develop an application which can write CD “on the fly” using NERO.
The input source is a video camera/webcamera. The application should be capable of writing a video cd ‘on the fly’. So the application will not use hard disk for any buffer storage.
I want to convince my project manager that Nero will support “on the fly CD write”. So will you be able to give the portion in the source code in which Nero API supports ‘on the fly’? I mean please give the section of the source code which states Nero has “on the fly support”.

Very much thank you in advance.

Manu Philip


There is NERO_WRITE_FREESTYLE_CD type where NERO_FREESTYLE_TRACK structure has to be added to. The content of the track can either be provided by using a callback or by providing a path to a file that contains the content of the track. If you want to use the callback, set nftSourceDataExchg::ndeType to NERO_ET_IO_CALLBACK, otherwise to NERO_ET_FILE_RAW and fill in the necessary information.
For ou intention NERO_ET_IO_CALLBACK should be used, where the callback method is defined as below:

// Data exchange between application and NeroAPI is done with
// a function that gets a pointer to its own structure, a buffer
// pointer and the amount in bytes to be read or written. It
// shall return the actual amount of bytes transferred. Other
// functions indicate that the EOF file has been reached when
// reading or a serious error occured.
typedef DWORD (NERO_CALLBACK_ATTR *NERO_IO_CALLBACK)(void *pUserData, BYTE *pBuffer, DWORD dwLen);

Please look inside NeroAPI.h file and NeroAPI documentation from NeroSDK package to get more detailed information.