Nero, anydvd, 1620 Rip speed?

I have recently built a few systems with this combination, fairlly fast systems, athlon 64, 1 gig corsair, one is running sli etc. So it is taking the benq 1620 the normal amount of time with nero and anydvd to backup a pressed dual layer disk (a minute or two to analyse, 10-30 minutes to rip and compress, 8 minutes or so to burn (at 8x). So I am wondering what is the limiting factor with the 10-30 minutes to rip and compress? It takes about the same amount of time as it does on a slower athlon xp system with 512mb ram so I was thinking that computer speed wasn’t the limiting factor. If it is not though, why do some movies go in 10 minutes? Basically I am wondering if removing the rip lock on the 1620’s would make it go faster? It almost seems like neither computer speed or rip speed effect the time for compressing? Anybody have any thoughts on what factor could speed up the compression time?

99% of drives are just… slow… at ripping dual-layer movies.

The ones that go through very fast are single layer movies. Those not only need very little compression, but they rip at probably close to the full rated speed of the drive (which I’m assuming is 16x read).

Dual-layer movies, on the other hand, usually START at 4x and ramp up to 9-10x TOPS, usually more like 7-8x depending on the price of tea in China and the phase of Jupiter in the house of Saturn.

Nothing to be done, man.

So on the benq 1620, if you remove the riplock it is suposed to read at up to 14x on dual layer pressed disks. That might speed it up a little, right?

My 1620 (with speed patch) will rip most Pressed 7.5GB movies with DvdDecrypter in just under 10 min. It takes about another 8 to 10 min for compression with DVD Shrink depending on how much of the movie you want. I usually just do movie only and english audio.

hey ripit, the 1620 is a very fast reader once you apply MSCE. You can take a look at this thread to see that it can rip a nearly full DL disk in 9:41 minutes. However, there are some movies that the 1620 will not read faster than 2x, no matter what.

In my experience with my P4 2Ghz using DVD Shrink, it will shrink a DL disk in about 20-25 minutes to 4.7GigB. With my other machine, P4 3Ghz around 15 minutes.

8 minutes for 8x writing is about right.