NERO-any way changing file names back to lower case?

hi again :slight_smile:

i just went over some of the data files i had made when i first got nero and left it at default settings for a single disc and hadn’t changed to joliet.

well it changed all file names to caps, etc what is that called level 1?
anyhow i need to be able to rename all this stuff like folder by folder or something along those lines, is there a way cause way too much for file by file :>(


Hope you had at least long file names enabled, otherwise they would not only be uppercase, but also in the 8+3 format.

To change to lower, or capitalise or whatever go here:

MagicFile Renamer.

Shareware, it will do the lot in a matter of seconds.

Now a little tip, go to Main options, then make sure

“Recursivily add sub-folders to list”
“Process folder names”

Are ticked.

Last thing, since your file extensions would also be uppercase, once you have all the files/folders in layout to be processed, go to Filters/Filter Options

Then change to “WHOLE NAME”

Let me know how you go, so I don’t feel like I wasted 5 min typing this.


thanx another winner!
nice piece of software too.