Nero announces Nero Platinum 2019 multimedia suite

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Nero has announced the 2019 version of its multimedia suite, Nero Platinum. Nero Platinum 2019 brings several new or revamped features such as the DriveSpan app, Nero Start, Nero KnowHow Plus and Live Guide, 1-Click Video Story, MediaHome, Duplicate Manager and Life Themes Pro.

A waste of money the past few years…I ditched Nero completely after I found out they removed Nero 2016’s DTS support with a silent (sneaky) update…:unamused:
And despite all new bells and whistless they announce with evey new ‘upgrade’,it seems that their NeroVideo part of the suite still will be crippled…
No DTS support since 2016 up to 2019…REALLY? :eek:

Not that they are many choices available, but who really uses Nero these days?

Nero 2006 was the last best version too bad it doesn’t work on Windows 10. After that Nero went from working to bloatware.

I still use it. Upgraded to Nero 2018 a couple of months ago when my old 2005 version had problems. I only use the burning ROM version. The rest is no use to me.

Even if I could get it for free, I doubt that I would use it. I don’t need a monster application for writing a few DVD discs every week. And I see nothing else in Nero suite that I really need.