Nero announces a major update to Nero 7

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Nero has officially announced its major new update to its Windows Vista Ready Nero 7 suite, with the addition Nero DiscCopy and Nero MultiMounter and making the use of Vista-styled icons. Nero…

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Another NERO major update ? Whopeeee ! :B Sorry but I’ll pass this time ! People were already LIED to by NERO when they said they will allow smaller updates, we are still waiting, you have to download a huge bulky file for a minor update not to mention the tons of problems of version 7 including bugs unfixed combined with the utter incompetance of their tech support. NERO has gone to being decent to a piece of BLOATWARE junk that nobody wants on its computers. Thank you NERO but I’ll pass on junkware… There are other much smaller better alternatives. VISTA is already a resource hog to begin with I don’t need NERO to top it off too! :slight_smile: Maybe by version 8 or 9 they will get their act together :S

You can tell where their mindset is- in the past they gave you the “luxury” of being able to download a version sans yahoo toolbar. Now the Ask toolbar is included in every download whether you want it or not. A major packaged software company stooping to adware tactics…

Vista Upgrade advisor says I have to delete my version of Nero 6 and get (buy?) an upgrade. Nice, thanks Microsoft.

“Nero announces a major update to Nero 7” Yeah, how about a major update that makes it not suck? I tried version 7 when it first came out, and I can safely say I will never be using 7 or any other newer version that comes out, no matter how “major” the update may be. Version 7 was a horribly bloated resource hog and after a few days I reverted back to version 6, which is much better, but still a bit of a resource hog. Ahead used to be a good company with a great product, but these days it has simply turned into a cash cow. They’ll do pretty much anything to get more of your money. Every six months or so, there’s a “major” upgrade which brings a bunch of useless features. Every time you buy a CD/DVD drive, it comes with a Nero disc. Every time you download their products, it wants to install that stupid Yahoo Toolbar crap. Nero has (d)evolved from a nice program, with a handful of very useful utilities into a monstrosity that comes with over a dozen useless things, like skinning and other fluff that nobody really needs. I say, stick with version 6 or find a better alternative. :r