Nero and WinXP w/Plextor 24X10X40X

Okay- I’ve asked this question so many times in many different forums without any real answer. I want to overburn a few files and I want to keep Easy CD Creator (5.02d)on my system (it’s been working just fine). And I’ve read that Nero and EZ CD Creator really aren’t compatable. Isn’t the conflicting element between the two programs Direct CD? If so, since I’m using WinXP- I don’t have Direct CD installed. Therefore, can’t I install Nero? If the answer is “yes,” which version of Nero is safe for WinXP without making my drives disapear. If I do install the Nero, do I risk having to reformat my whole hard drive?

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Anyway, Nero should work just fine…do you have roxio direct cd installed? It’s normally that one that is causing the problems, not easy cd-creator in itself.(CD-Creator is only useful for newbies since it’s missing all the nice features but that is my opinion anyway :p)

Nero has been working just nice for me.


Currently I am running Roxio 5.02D in XP but have a slow 4X Ricoh burner. I have disabled the Roxio software that is built into XP to avoid any conflicts,
Tomorrow I will be getting and installing the Plextor 24/10/40. I intend to install the Nero burn software and keep my Roxio Platinum also. Below is a post that I have pasted from another message board that I found very informative.
Maybe it can help you as well.

"The C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\IOSUBSYS\cdrpwd.vxd file is a DirectCD Packet Writing driver.

Nero 5.5 and EZCD 5 Platinum coexist very well. There is no conflict whatsoever. Conflicts reported with EZCD are all related to DirectCD up to version 3.5. These earlier versions of DirectCD could cause problems with Nero, but there were workarounds that did not require a boot menu. Version 5 of DirectCD (in EZCD Platinum) has no conflicts with any other burning programs.

The primary rule is: Use only One packet writing program on your system. More than one packet writing program is guaranteed to cause a conflict. Multiple pre-mastering and copying programs are OK. VOB has a potential problem with one Nero driver, but the VOB program warns about this if Nero is also loaded.

If you had Nero’s InCD loaded when you installed EZCD Platinum, this is probably the cause of the error message.

You can use Nero 5.5 with EZCD 5 Platinum if you don’t install the Nero InCD packet writing system, but use DirectCD instead. DirectCD will do packet writing to both CDR’s and CD-RW’s, but InCD can write only to CD-RW’s.

In order to help people, I have about 18 burning programs actively installed on my system (with no conflicts), but only one packet writing program."