Nero and WindowsXP




I Have Nero Burning Rom installed under WindowsXP with Admin Rights.

When I now log off, and login with a account with user rights, I Can't burn any cd, I Can only select my Image Recorder, But not my Plextor.

In the Help file of Nero I See that normally at the installation Nero makes a Group with right for users, so after the installation you can make members give access to that group for access.
But I don't have this group.

Does anybody know how I can make a group manually or how to fix this problem (Bug?).

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You should run the application with admin rights.

I believe you can only burn in Nero when you run the program with admin rights… (it is the same in Win2k)


But there must be a way to give users also the posibility to burn under XP without Admin rights.

I’ve heard something about ASPI changes or something???


At the moment, I get the same problem with my Lite-On 24x thingy writer!

Hit the usual Control-Alt-Del and kill the ASPI under processes!

Its crued, but works!

For some reason, the proccess stays resident sometimez, even after the application (Nero) is closed!?

Anyone know if theres an update or patch yet?
Must get round to telling ahead too! Ahhh the time!?

See’ya :slight_smile:


While installing Nero, aren’t you prompted to choose who can use Nero? Something like:

[ul][i][b]Who may use Nero - Burning Rom:

ٱ Anybody who uses this computer.
ٱ Only me (<uid>).[/i][/b][/ul]

So you can choose?


I do remember that question.
No ASPI problems here with Win2k but its not installed/running.
I got a Lite-on 241040
wierd. Lemme know how you make out with that though.