Nero and Windows Movie maker


I don’t know whther this is the place to ask but I am trying to do the following.

I have captured an old Video we recorded to DVD ( and Hard disk) using pinnacle Dazzle DVD. My DVD writing software is NERO 7 and therefore Dazzlwe uses this.

All works OK - however I want to edit the video in windows Movie maker - but am DVD.

I have tried importing from the VCR direct from Windows Movie maker - it recognises the Dazzle as an external device - but in this case it only seems to import the video with no audio -

Any help would be appreciated to get me going!


Win Movie maker is better now but too basic for some tasks.
I’m not familiar with but it wouldn’t be my first choice for such a kind of video editting, for sure
have a look at where you can find a lot of info on video related subjects, software and even user guides for specific tasks.